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Sérgio Sutto – Director – (+55 11) 3255 0555 Extension 120 – auditoria2@galloro.com.br  
Vicente Galloro – Commercial Director – (+55 11) 3255 0555 Extension 105 – vicente@galloro.com.br

Galloro's audit services focus on verifying the financial health of companies and assisting management in running the business. Such vision goes beyond the issuing of opinions, as we also present suggestions that aim to improve internal controls and management information systems.

  • Financial Statements

    Opinions issued on financial statements examined, lending credibility to their figures. Additionally, we provide suggestions to clients on how to improve their accounting procedures and controls we examine.

  • Limited Reviews

    Audit of financial statements pursuant to a predefined extent and thoroughness.

  • Internal Audits

    To identify risks, assess structure and internal controls, focused on good corporate governance practices.

  • Operational

    Verify the level of adequacy and reliability of internal control systems in areas such as Treasury, Personnel, Purchasing, Sales, Inventories and Costs, among others.

  • Taxes, Labor and Permanent Accounting

    Periodic review of direct, indirect and labor taxes; verification of procedures in use at the company and compliance with accessory obligations. Revision of the DIPJ form filled out and of other obligatory statements.

  • Validation, Circulation and Verification

    Report confirming the circulation and publication of communication vehicles. Validation of drawings.

  • Due Diligence

    Accounting revision, determination of the existence of debits or pending matters of a tax or labor nature and other contingencies. Evaluation of assets at market value in order to subsidize mergers, incorporations, acquisitions or joint ventures.

  • Condo Audits

    Exam the nature and reasonableness of receivables and expenditures presented by the building administrator or manager.

    • Efficacy and reliability in the information disclosed in rendering of accounts reports;
    • Added security for the building manager in backing his/her rendering of accounts;
    • Improved management information to be furnished by the condo;
    • Assessment of the administrative internal control system aimed at minimizing financial risks;
    • Assessment of the condo's administrative and accounting management.
  • If you would like more information or have any doubts about these services, please contact one of the executives listed above.